Mom's Rhubarb Slush

Mom's Rhubarb Slush

Mom's Rhubarb Slush

This is a recipe my mom put together by combining a bunch of recipes she found online and making her own version.  It's a really good recipe for a hot day by the pool, and it has a lot of different fruity flavours all happening at the same time so it's sure to become a summer favourite.


16 Cups of cubed rhubarb

10 cups of water

1 large strawberry Jello packet

1 can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate

1 can of frozen berry juice concentrate

1 Bottle of Club Soda

1-2 cups of sugar

*Optional - Peach Schnapps)


1. Cook rhubarb in the water until it is soft and mushy.

2. Use stick blender to blend rhubarb until it is fully pureed.

3. Add strawberry jello powder, sugar, pink lemonade juice concentrate, and berry juice concentrate.

4. *Optional - Add booze, 6 cups is recommended*

5. Put container in the freezer.

6. Stir up frozen mixture, and when ready to serve, scoop into glasses and top up with club soda and stir.


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