Advice from a Buyer(s) to Seller(s)

Advice from a Buyer(s) to Seller(s)

It’s been a minute since I blogged about anything, but since Dec 2018, I have sold 2 homes (1 primary residence and 1 rental I co-owned w my ex-partner) and bought one that I currently reside in.
Being on this side of the glass recently has reminded me of the expectations buyers have when they look at a home.  Here are my top 10 pieces of advice to you, my seller(s):
  1.  Please mow your lawn or shovel your path and maintain your yard overall…there is nothing less inviting than a foot long climb through the green stuff or passed mounds of pet droppings to get to the front door (and now I expect the inside to look the same).
  2.   Don’t smoke in your home or porch and if you did, paint your walls and replace the carpets.  It can be so bad that I have literally walked in the front door and walked right back out (w clients and as a recent buyer).
  3.   You can definitely live in your home, but having the dishes done and the clothes off the floor and in the hamper as it goes a long way in making me (and my clients) feel like I could live here.
  4.   Fresh paint (inside and out…see #2) makes everything feel new again…true story!
  5.   Finish all the little projects you have left until now (ie: patch the hole in the wall where lil’ Becky hit it with her hockey stick, add the last piece of baseboard on the LR wall, organize the basement and leave room for a buyer to dream of a rec room and or gym).
  6.   Clean the litter box EVERY SINGLE DAY…you know what I am talking about.
  7.   Unfortunately, yes, remove all the family photos and overly personalized wall art and de-clutter your space so it looks, well….wait for it…SPACIOUS to the new potential owner!
  8.   Set up each room (if possible) with its intended use items (bed in bedroom, desk and chair in office)…remember, less is more.
  9.   Leave receipts, disclosures, lists of repairs for the buyer to read and feel at ease with your home.
  10.   Scents are everything (see #2 and #6) so if you have a diffuser or dehumidifier (for the moist basements), use them prior to showings.
There are more, but these were my top of mind suggestions at the time of writing.  You can certainly contact me to consult on other questions or concerns you have before we list your home.

- Jennifer Berthelette